Songs from Syria: Lena Chamamian – شآم

A beautiful poem about Syria written by Syrian-Armenian singer Lena Chamamyan.

I raised her up over the humanity love(1)
And my eyes got up high just looking at her, glorifying the Maker about what He drew
And that is a piece of marble soaked the Jasmine Scent up and thus blossomed
Into Jury(2), Basil, Musk and Ambergris (3)
This evaporated across a Green coloured monument
Topped off with a crescent and adorned with
Prayer calls cherishing the name of the Creator
Adding to the delight of the Church Bells ringing a delight
Of the prayer call in which Souls are purified
And some places were sweet with incense
In which tenderising(4) every hardened heart
Damascus you’re my Daughter and my Mother
I grew up in you but would I grow old too??
So what should I do to gain your blessings?
Yet I’ve sown my youth around you and willingly more I’d do
And who would trill and raise up the announcement of
A thrilled heart of a fermented wound
And this is my vow so I wish that my grave
Just as my wedding dress, would be adorned with your Full.

1.I love her beyond than the love known for human.
2.Jury is the common name of the Damascus Rose which has a heavy sweet scent.
3.These are the names of the scents which are considered as the purest sweetness.
4. Tenderise is the exact meaning of Yahnou which also means soften

فتاة أصيلة بعمر القدر
سموت بها عن قلوب البشر

وراحت عيوني لمرآها تعلو

أسبّح مبدعها فيما صور

فها قطعة من رخام تعشّق
رائحة الياسمين فأزهر

جوري وريحان،مسك وعنبر
فاح بصرح تلوّن اخضر

علاه هلال وزان حلاه
أذان باسم الخلّاق كبّر

زاد دقات الاجراس عيداً
نداء صلاة بها الروح تطهر

فتعبق بالبخّور مطارح
يحنو بها كل قلب تحجر

شآم انت فتاتي وأمي
حضنت صباي فهل فيك أكبر

فما أفعل كي أنال رضاك
وفيك بذرت صباي وأبشر

فهل من يزغرد ويعلي نداء
لفرحة قلب بجرح تخمّر

هو وعد دهري فياليت قبري
وفستان عرسي بفلّك يعمر

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