A Few Thoughts on Author Edward Said

If you think of everything you must do as present before you, to be done all at once, you’ll cripple yourself. Time obliges you to do them in sequence, one at a time, and this dissolves the burden almost immediately.

Out of Place, a memoir by Edward Said

Reading the uncensored examination of Edward Said, the author of classics like Orientalism, through his own eyes was, at times extremely uncomfortable. This intellect we know and learn from, did not have the happiest of childhoods. Introverted, shy, and constantly put down by the closest adults in his life (mother, father, teachers). His mothers neurosis combined with his typical Arab hard-working fathers upper class coldness, were a constant source of debilitation for him even in his later years.  An ailing mans last written words, he must certainly have been truthful, for the portrait painted is none too flattering.

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