Hezbollah Reprisal Operation in the Occupied Sheeba Farms

Press sources from Hezbollah’s media group came out with a statement describing the operation launched on an Israeli convoy in the occupied Sheeba farms of Lebanon, a reprisal attack for last weeks airstrikes on Hezbollah and Iranian commanders operating around Quneitra, Syria.

At 11:25 this morning, the Quneitra Heroic Martyrs group, of the Islamic Resistance, targeted an Israeli military convoy in the Shebaa Farms composed of several vehicles transporting Zionist officers and soldiers… Several vehicles were destroyed, and casualties were caused among the enemy ranks…

To so quickly launch a successful reprisal is a testament to Hezbollah’s capacity to operate at a sophisticated level in the region. Whether this is a one-off operation to reestablish deterrence, or the first in a string of attacks to come is not yet known. But Israel has a consistent policy of responding disproportionately to attacks on its soldiers, even when in occupied lands. If Israel goes to its usual playbook, the conflict could quickly escalate from tit-for-tat tactical maneuverings, to an all-out war.

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