Winter: When we can Write

Brrr! The snow is hitting New Jersey and it is cold, not to takeaway from the continual single-digit weather that the past couple weeks produced, but the commute home today was no fun. 

The dark weather may have brought on a little Winter blues for myself, so I felt like indulging in a little sudden fiction. If you’re not aware of the genre, its basically fully formed stories, with action, dialogue, and characters, but condensed to a paragraph or two.

Ever have a relative, typically an older relative, that couldn’t help but say the wrong thing? Yeah… Of course you have, and if you haven’t, here’s a little help to imagine what it may be like.


“They go in threes, they always go in threes” Mother continued.

“Mama Stop, this isn’t the appropriate time.” With no luck, Fatimah tried in earnest to quiet her mother.

“Always in three’s death comes to those you’re connected with. When one dies, surely two more God will depart.” She took another drag of her Virginia Slim and peered around the room blankly at her overwhelmed children.

“I am sorry for my mother,” Reza whispered to the widow, Jeanette, sitting blank faced on the end of the couch, pushing her hand into her cheek using the armrest of the sofa for leverage while she clasp her mourned skirt.

The sudden death of beloved husband and father Michel Saoun prompted the fiasco gathering in the aftermath of the funeral. The family had torn apart in the final years of his life. My mother Fairuza blamed Jeanette for the fallout between herself and her deceased brother. Now she blamed her for his death, and the two deaths she believed would come with it.

“Perhaps if you had taken better care of him, made sure he didn’t eat all those greasy foods, had vacationed more, he wouldn’t have gotten the cancer. It’s alright Jeanette, certainly no one blames you.” It was insufferable hearing her mutter on.

“Mama you can’t mean this, no.” Fatimah tried again to get through, pleading to her mother with soft eyes.

Jeanette sat frozen, with no will to defend herself while grieving. The party quieted again. The room stayed in silence, with nothing but the old Western movie playing on the 14-inch TV that the younger ones gathered around, blank to all else.

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