What PFLP Founder George Habash Said About Syria in 1983

I have been spending the past few days reading about the Palestine Mandate, before the Nakba (catastrophe – 1948 exodus). I will have a post about it up tomorrow, but wanted to keep this video in mind of George Habash and the relationship between Palestinian resistance and Syria, a bond which is unbreakable.

The International Scope

Pal proGeorge Habash, an Orthodox Christian from Lod, Palestine founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a secular left-wing Palestinian organization founded in 1967 and consistently in the vanguard of Palestinian politics through the 70’s. The organization is still active today, despite arrest by Fatah authorities and assassinations from Israeli forces. Recently, the PFLP has rejuvenated by conducting protests, operations, and negotiating closer ties to Tehran.

The military assistance is partly a result of the stance Hamas has taken against the Syrian government since the outbreak of the insurgency (note: political leader Khaled Mashal of Hamas received sanctuary by the Syrian government, and the Syrian government has never renounced that decision. In fact when Mashal in the last decade, speaking to Bashar Assad said he would willingly depart, Assad replied “you will never leave” and the friendship continued).

The friendship between Syria and Palestine go far back…

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