“Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the Grave” : The War on Terror Through the Looking Glass

How quickly America’s political establishment forgets the event that was never to be forgotten. No permanent allies and no permanent enemies, only interests. Waking up to the images of 9-11  over 14 years ago, the Al Qaeda terrorist attack was the first significant political event of my conscious life. The cries and chaos running through my grade school, evacuating to the YMCA across the street waiting for our parents to pick us up — hour after hour more children K through 5 leaving the auditorium. Some could see the smoke from our suburb outside NYC, I am sure many. Speaking about it in our classrooms every year on the anniversary, the grief we let flow on that one day each year. Understanding that younger kids weren’t in need of that open discussion.

How could America, a nation united on that day in stamping out Al Qaeda, now try to rehabilitate the group in the halls of Congress and the battlefields of Syria? Do the American people know the overwhelming support their government and so-called allies from Wahabbi Saudi Arabia to fanatical Israel, is giving Al Qaeda? TOW missiles, open borders, accommodation. How would NYers and North New Jersey feel about this? That Christianity in its original homeland is under attack. that their American neighbors – Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, and Armenian Christians – the majority of Arabs in America being Christians, have family under existential threat? That their families here are turning older day by day as the conflict remains fueled for geopolitical gain.

Armenian Children crammed into a classroom in Aleppo after the genocides. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenians_in_Syria

It’s so powerful a story, the lives of the millions of American Arab and other ethnic Christians from the region, the story of themselves and their families back home is so powerful, that it has to be erased, made invisible to the American public, lest they hold the government accountable for their support of the destruction of their friends and neighbors homeland.

Quote from Jeffrey T. Kuhner, Washingtontimes (Sep 2013)

Quote from Jeffrey T. Kuhner, Washingtontimes (Sep 2013)

6 thoughts on ““Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the Grave” : The War on Terror Through the Looking Glass

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    • Thanks so much. It’s important to be accurate, especially when sourcing graphic imagery. This lead me to some fact-finding about the 1919 film “Auction of souls”, Ravished Armenia, and the perspective of the girl who’s experience the film was based on, The truth about the incident she describes was even more harrowing, being impalement, not crucifixion.


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