Disaster Week in American Foreign Policy

It has been an abysmal week for U.S. Foreign Policy. After losing Kunduz City, carnage was doled out to a hospital in the northern province of Afghanistan. Only it wasn’t the Taliban doing the punishing, but U.S. bombers. Split-screen the image of American airstrikes on a Doctors Without Borders facility with Russian airplanes wreaking havok on ISIS and Al Qaeda in a way the U.S. has been unable to dish out after a year, and you have a recipe for an optics nightmare. The United States government looks befuddled, it’s foreign policy objectives mired in vaguery, and its means for aiding allies around the world on the cheap- sending advisors to train rebels or soldiers and arm them with advanced equipment-looks questionable.

The longterm campaign in Afghanistan to create a strong national government is showing signs of a reversal, while the American coalition to degrade ISIS has proven to be at best a failiure and at worse, disingenuous. Did the U.S. really want to cripple ISIS, or were they a useful tool to pressure the Syrian and Iraqi government into submission?

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