Turkey’s Coup in Photos [GRAPHIC]

(8:30 AM Istanbul) Violence against soldiers that surrendered continues to escalate in the morning hours in Istanbul. Warning to Ankara, where coup forces continue to hold their ground.



(5:30 AM Istanbul) Turkish soldiers were unwilling to shoot unarmed civilians that came out in crowds after the call from Erdogan to do so was made. As a result, they were taken into custody themselves. They were then beaten, tortured and killed.


Those who were unwilling to use force, lost tonight, but the situation remains fluid, and there is no predicting what tomorrow has in store for Turkey. Reports are that Istanbul and Ankara have split, with Istanbul overrun with Erdogan supporters, and the coup supporters still controlling Ankara. This theory remains under speculation, and if the coup can last the night, tomorrow may see a reset in the standoff.

5 thoughts on “Turkey’s Coup in Photos [GRAPHIC]

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  4. Tonight I think we are all hoping that no matter what side someone may identify with (Pro-President/Ministers or more Pro-Military/Secular) that everyone goes home safe and sound to their families.

    Prayers with the people of Turkey.


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