Republicans Embrace Peter Thiel and the LGBT Community

I am proud to be gay I am proud to be a Republican but most of all I am proud to be an American – Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley Billionaire
Peter Thiel speaks to Republican Crowd at Convention

Peter Thiel, openly gay Republicans speaks to RNC


On the final night of the Republican National Convention hosted in Cleveland, Ohio, The crowd gave standing ovations for the LGBT community. There was a warm embrace of Peter Thiel, a key speaker and the first openly gay Silicon Valley billionaire at a convention. A venture capitalist that had a hand in the creation of services like Facebook, Yelp, and Paypal, Thiel believes supporting innovation and change in government and business is essential if the U.S. is to compete in the world again.

A Libertarian-leaning speaker, he supports the Donald Trump nomination as a necessary break with the Obama-Clinton status quo and the inefficient government bureaucracy they advanced. “We don’t accept such in competence in Silicon Valley and we must not accept it from our government.”

Thiel opposes the culture wars and Middle East wars he believes are distracting the country from the real problems America faces at home. “..instead of going to Mars we have invaded the Middle East...”Donald Trump is right it’s time it’s time to end the era of stupid Wars and rebuild our country.”

when I was a kid the great debate was about how to defeat the Soviet Union and we won. Now we are told now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom this is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares!
I am proud to be gay I am proud to be a Republican but most of all I am proud to be an American
With that line, Peter Thiel, the openly gay Republican from Ohio, received his warmest embrace yet from the crowd. It was a much needed, and long overdue step in the right direction for a party that still has a long way to go in its outreach to the Gay community. The Social Conservative elements of the Republican Party that voted for Ted Cruz in the primary may have won the GOP platform fight, but on the last night of the RNC convention, when audiences were really paying attention, they were the big losers, and outreach was the winner.

The second and even larger standing ovation came, not unexpectedly, for the candidate himself. Donald Trump purposefully included outreach to the LGBT community. He lamented the attack on the LGBT by a radical foreign ideology of hatred  that is promoted by ISIS and was on display last month when 49 LGBT citizens were killed at an Orlando nightclub. The country was horrified at what took place, and since then, a new humanity in the Republican Party has been embraced, with Trump leading the way. Not all Republicans may support marriage equality, but the critics solutions for social and political disputes are not death to Gays, as it is for ISIS.

Donald Trump made special mention of this attack, and vowed to destroy ISIS and destroy it quickly, because our minority communities like Gays cannot be under assault by ISIS-inspired attacks. Not here in America, at least. The Crowd went wild. A Republican crowd cheered for Gays, in one standing ovation after another. It was a beautiful thing to see.

I have to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said. Thank you.

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