Suicide Bomber, Machete Man, and Other Incidents of Terrorism in Germany

If you keep finding yourself shocked by what is happening to Germany, stop. It is happening, and it is not Islamophobic to point out that there is a real problem with unassimilated Muslims in Europe. It is both migrants and the second-generation Muslims who feel they have no place in their home country that are disturbing the peace in the West. Think terrorists in Europe are bad? US-Backed rebels in Syria beheaded a CHILD!

Bavaria top security official says Ansbach attacker a 27-year-old Syrian who had been denied asylum

Illegal Syrian migrant conducted suicide attack

It’s getting pretty difficult to keep up with the pace of terrorist attacks occurring in Europe. In Germany there have been four incidents of violence related to terrorism in as many days, reported in Reuters. The most recent is a Breaking Story suicide bombing in Ansbach where one is believed dead, and at least ten injuries have accrued. The suicide bombing was carried out by a 27-year-old Syrian refugee. An audience of 2,000 attending a music festival were forced to evacuate, an example of just how easy it has become to disrupt daily life in a country now overwhelmed with refugees from the Middle East and Africa. The police are investigating and the story is still developing. Follow Reuters for new developments.

In addition to the suicide bombing just reported, this morning it was reported that a Syrian refugee wielding a machete hacked away at a pregnant woman, killing her and her baby. He also injured others, before being run over by a BMW driver. Read about that story at The Daily Mail.

The rapid rise in violence against Germans by radical Islamic terrorists should be no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the waves of migrants entering Europe over the past few years. Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany, loudly called for migrants to come to Germany in what is now considered an historic error on immigration.

In the aftermath of Merkel’s call, migration skyrocketed, overwhelming the small Baltic States they tore through on their way to Germany. We want to go to Germany was the demand, and nothing was going to stop these men. Borders were completely disregarded, police forces trying to keep the peace were disrespected. Immigration officers attempting to track entry were slandered in the Western press as “racist” for trying to maintain order at the border. It was a chaotic scene. Eastern Europe is still dealing with the repercussions.

Where will the next terrorist attack occur? We all know the when. If past is prologue, really, really soon.


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