Crackdown in Turkey Continues: 42 Journalists Arrested

The latest crackdown in Turkey after the failure of a military coup is the arrest of dozens of journalists. 42 journalists have been detained by government security forces. The media had been very vocal in its support for the ruling government. During the coup, private media televised Mr. Erdogan’s message for his supporters to take to the streets. In the aftermath, they have been largely silent, aiding the government under the assumption that the government is upholding democracy. The truth on the ground has been far different. 60,000 people have been targeted across all segments of Turkish society. There has been brutal treatment of those arrested, and the suspension of the European Union Convention of Human Rights, which is drawing criticism from EU officials.

The failure of a military coup to unseat the Erdogan government in Turkey set into motion a series of repressive measures aimed at stabilizing the Justice & Development Party’s grip on power. The arrest of thousands of Turkish soldiers and military officials was followed by more arrests, in academia, the government bureaucracy, and the courts. 2,745 judges, almost 3,000 suspected military plotters, ranging from top commanders to foot soldiers, and prosecutors were sacked and arrested, immediately after the failed Turkey coup attempt.

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