Car bomb strikes central Damascus as rebels attempt to assassinate Syrian officer

A terrorist attack in the heart of Damascus occurred late last night, leaving two dead in the attempted assassination of a Syrian officer. Car bombs and security breaches are a rare occurrence in Damascus, even as the war rages on in other parts of the country.

Friends of Syria

by Chris Thomson


A car bomb exploded at 10pm in the heart of Damascus this evening, leaving two people injured but failing to kill anyone.

The car, which had about 150 kilograms of explosives beneath it, blew up near the Iranian School at the government-held Kafr Sousah neighbourhood. Rebels were accused of the attack.

A military source told Al-Masdar News that the bombing attempted to kill a high-ranking Syrian officer working in the Syrian security branch, often dubbed the ‘Mukhabarat’. The source was unwilling to name the officer, citing privacy and security reasons.

Car bomb 4Car bomb 2Car bomb 3
This comes just two days after rebel shelling of a restaurant in the nearby Bob Touma district led to the death of 8 people.

Unlike Baghdad, car bombs are relatively rare in the Syrian capital of Damascus.


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