The Terrorists in Aleppo Are in Retreat

The whisper campaign on behalf of Aleppo’s rebels by sympathizers is misdirection, and the evidence proves it. The terrorists are being pounded by artillery and the Syrian Air Force (SAF), losing ground as Syrian government forces advance.

Victory for Syrian government in Aleppo

They’re losing ground fast, collapsing in Bani Zaid. NATO weapons were found there, shocker right? The weapons of regime change are being left behind as the terrorists move out for safer ground. The grounds left safe for rebels in Aleppo are shrinking, and we may see more Homs-style amnesty agreements. 

Any rebel encircled in Aleppo who values their life (note that the fanatics do not value their life, and would be glad to die. No problem for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Safe corridors have been opened to civilians so they can leave the encircled territory and leave the zealots to die. Unfortunately, there are reports civilians are being forced to stay. Otherwise, the rebels and their patrons won’t be able to blame the Syrian or Russian government for civilian casualties. They, like many terrorists, use civilians as human shields for public relations campaigns. It won’t work this time.

Humanitarian Crossing for residents of East Aleppo

Aleppo is being liberated, and it’s a national victory. The most important since the war began.

Celebrations in Aleppo after Syrian Government victory, liberating cityChristians celebrate Syrian government victory in Aleppo

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