Donald Trump on Message at Green Bay Rally

(Green Bay, WI) — Vice Presidential candidate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence warmed up a crowd of 5,000 supporters in Green Bay, Wisconsin on a Friday night in a classic rally we’ve come to expect from the nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. The Trump campaign found itself facing a media backlash this week revolving around back-and-forth insults between the candidate, and a Harvard-educated lawyer of Pakistani-descent and Gold Star father, Khizr Khan. I wrote a playbook of advice explaining how to get the Donald Trump campaign back on track in the aftermath of a strong Republican National Convention gone awry by faux media controversy. Tonight, the candidate was demonstrably mature, remaining on message throughout the rally.

The Trump rally in Green Bay, WI sent a message, that the nominee is focused on minimizing intra-Republican controversy by leading the effort towards party unity. Despite wavering support from establishment Republicans like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, veteran Senator John McCain, and the Junior Senator from Iowa Kelly Ayotte for his own campaign, tonight Donald Trump strongly endorsed the three candidates in the run-up to their elections. He remained on message throughout his speech. These moments of Trump’s speech made clear that the Party leader would support his colleagues in the other branches of government.

Trump invoked Ronald Reagan’s 80/20 rule, that you may agree with a friend only 80 percent of the time, but they are still your friend. He remarked that if there is disagreement, “we will disagree as friends and never stop working towards victory and real change.” If the incumbents he endorsed reciprocate in similar fashion, the frustration that Donald Trump is relitigating primary battles should subside as the focus of the campaign turns to the controversies of crooked Hillary Clinton (Chinese billionaires buying influence) and the scores of other controversies surrounding The Democratic Party (hacked servers uncovering racism against their base and collusion with the media to defeat Sanders) and now the Obama administration (400 million in foreign currency airdropped to Iran in an unmarked airplane as American prisoners were released—hostage says they couldn’t leave until the money was transferred). As I said in my last Trump article: a good politician will go dark when controversy hits, hoping for it to subside. A great politician will counterattack. Trump is in the position to counterattack on many fronts.

There are enough charges of corruption and controversy surrounding the Democratic Party that litigation could go on for the remainder of the summer, and brought up again in the autumn debates. Donald Trump went a step further tonight. In addition to his calls for Party unity and prosecuting the other Party, he made a strong case against the establishment. The full-throated assault was necessary, and I suggested in my recent essay how to get the Donald Trump campaign back on track that it would refocus the campaign on the issues that matter.

It is time to replace a rigged political system that works only for the insiders…I’m not part of the system, I ran against the system, and I’m probably better off running against the system.

Donald Trump came out swinging against a political class that governs for special interests, rather than the American people. A ruling elite that is so secluded and shielded from the vast majority of the population, that they have no competing reference points for the making of Public Policy. They only know the lobbyists they meet and speak with every day who write their checks. When the powerful only interact with other powerful people, and the media colludes with the powerful to narrow the scope of debate, public policy cannot be crafted in the best interests of the United States. It is instead created for the small faction of U.S. citizens with the money and clout to force their views into law. Trump’s microphone is so large, that when he punches up at this vast network of negligence, the conversation is forced to change, the scope of the debate broadens, and the electorate sees the choice before them. To maintain the status quo, or support a real change agent.

His remarks on fundraising reminded the audience that the campaign has very quickly raised money, mostly from small donors. “In June we raised 51 million dollars.” He left out that in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, they have raised almost 100 million, closing the gap with the Clinton machine. His story of small-dollar donors meshed nicely with his proclamation that the Republican Party, like in Reagan’s time, would be a big tent party that brings in working class blue collar Democrats. Crossover will be a focus for the next few months, and that includes outreach to Bernie supporters, who also gave small dollar donations to their anti-establishment candidate. The Sanders base and the Trump base agree more on free trade and open borders than either do with Hillary Clinton and the globalist establishment.

I ran against the donor class and against the status quo. We have to get rid of the status quo it is a mess.

Campaign fundraising is on the upswing, showing that Trump supporters are more committed than ever to his election. Party Unity is a process but increasing. Republicans are effectively hitting the Clintons and the incumbent administration for poor judgement and flawed logic, to the extent that even the media has been forced to take notice. Trump is exposing at his rally’s a political system that works for insiders, and he’s laying out a contrasting vision for America. One where immigration is legal and borders are secure, where trade deals are negotiated in the best interest of the American worker, and a future that includes ending the New Cold War with Russia that the Democrats are pushing for Syria and the Middle East.

Clinton, an ardent opponent of Putin, is expected to ratchet up this Cold War, through regime change and proxy rebel support that will only exacerbate migration, in a vicious cycle that plays right into the hands of the advocates of open borders and increased immigration. I can’t be the only one shocked and excited to see that, for now, the Neoconservatives who hijacked the Republican Party have been kicked to the curve by Trump and the base. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get along with Russia? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work with Russia and others to knock the hell out of ISIS?” The crowd went wild for a rapprochement with Russia and an end to the New Cold War so we can focus on terrorism and strengthening the American economy and infrastructure. The Democrats have become the Party of confrontation, peddling the same talking points that the George W. Bush administration peddled after 9/11, sounding the alarm about WMDs and surprise military attacks that can only be avoided by confronting the world militarily.

The contrast was made clear in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Less than 90 days remains until Election Day. Game on!

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