Crucifixions, Beheadings, and Drownings: Trump Talks Terrorism in New Foreign Policy Speech

“Our current strategy of nation-building and regime change is a proven, absolute failure. We have created the vacuums that allow terrorism to grow and thrive.”

Donald Trump’s delivered a Foreign Policy speech in Youngsville, Ohio before an intimate crowd on August 15. With a focus on the threat of terrorism, Trump detailed the crimes radical Islam has committed against Europe and the United States. From the attack on a train in Switzerland that killed one woman to the murder of a Catholic priest in front of the congregation in Northern France. Since June 8, a terror attack in Europe or the United States has occurred every 84 hours. Assessing Islamic Terror Against Christian Europe.

Not only has the Church in France been under threat by radical Islamic terrorism, Trump used his platform to speak for its Christian victims in the Middle East. Crucifixions, beheadings, and drownings; terrorists have spared no instrument of torture or terror to victimize and murder Christians living in the land of their ancestors. Syriacs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Armenians, and Greeks have been driven from their homeland and hunted in a campaign of extermination against them, against those ISIS labels the “nation of the cross.”

ISIS and other groups sharing its hardline ideology are on the march, but Trump vows to “defeat radical Islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we have faced in every age before.” Al Qaeda went from operating in seven countries to operating in 18, with the potential to grow into a network ranging across 30. The administration has downplayed the rise of ISIS, with 40 percent of analysts stating they felt their intelligence reports were manipulated. Before the Obama-Clinton administration took over, Trump says, Libya was stable, Syria under control, Egypt ruled as a secular Republic and as an ally of the United States, Iraq was experiencing a reduction in violence, and Iran was choked off by economic sanctions. Now, the region is in turmoil, and the administration is culpable. “The rise of ISIS is the direct result of policy decisions made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton,” Trump proclaims. ISIS, their offshoots, their allies, and those individuals inspired by the terror organization, have grown more dangerous and increasingly capable of operating with deadly force in the West. Their ideology has spread, and Trump regards Obama’s first term addresses to the Islamic world as an apology for Western values and history, and an acceptance of political Islam.

“Instead of condemning the oppression of women and gays in many Muslim nations, and the systematic violations of human rights, or the financing of global terrorism” President Obama tried to draw a moral equivalency with the United States.

The Obama administration gave material support to violent Islamist groups, and diplomatic legitimacy to their political counterparts operating within the Muslim Brotherhood and the multitude of Salafi and Wahhabi political fronts that rose up in an attempt to take power in secular Republics like Egypt, Libya, and Syria after 2011. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time these decisions were being made to overthrow regimes and support Islamists. According to former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, “the invasion of Libya was nearly a split-decision”. Hillary Clinton’s forceful advocacy for the intervention was the deciding factor, that’s why we went in.

“Our current strategy of nation-building and regime change is a proven, absolute failure. We have created the vacuums that allow terrorism to grow and thrive.”

Trump does not leave George W. Bush off his list of actors responsible for the death and havoc that have wrecked the Middle East. He claims he was against the Iraq War, believing it to be one of the most destabilizing events of the 21st century. He not only faults Bush for the death and wounds of soldiers, but mentions the countless Iraqi’s hurt by the war…“the tremendous damage done. All the Iraqi kids blown to pieces. All the reasons for the war were blatantly wrong. All of this death and destruction for nothing.” The Iraq War was pursued by the Neoconservative Bush administration through faulty information. They showed bad judgement and scarce understanding of the socio-political dynamics at work in Iraq, just as the Obama-Clinton administration showed bad judgement and poor knowledge of Libya, when they overthrew the government and sent automatic weapons and anti-tank missiles into North Africa and the Middle East. The vacuum in the Middle East has allowed oil to come under the control of ISIS, and their coffers flow with the money they made by stealing oil in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other places in the world. “According to CNN, ISIS made as much as 500 million in oil sales in 2014 alone (before they really got started…If we had controlled the oil…we could have…cut off a major source of funding, and through the presence of US forces” safeguarded the oil.

It’s time to put the mistakes of the past behind us and chart a new course. If I become president the era of nation-building will be brought to a very swift and decisive end.

Trump vowed not only to decimate ISIS, but to pursue and destroy all groups which share their hateful ideology, including Al Qaeda. He pledged to call any nation which shares this goal an ally, and would work with Russia to combat the threat, believing it is in both their self-interest to prevent the spread of radical Islam. “We can find common ground with Russia in the fight against ISIS. They have much at stake in the outcome in Syria, and have had their own battles with Islamic terrorism, as bad as ours.” Indeed, Russia has been a major ally of Syria since the 1950s, and has strived to promote a more moderate Islam within its own borders and combat the threat abroad with partners in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Details for Foreign Policy plans in his speech include diplomatically bringing nations committed to fighting terrorism together at an international conference. Domestically, his administration would create a commission aimed at increasing the preparedness and response capabilities of law enforcement at every level of government. A Trump administration will use every tool at its disposal, both unilateral and multilateral, to “decimate Al Qaeda…and starve it of its funding.”

My administration will aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS; international cooperation to cut off their funding; expanded intelligence-sharing and cyber warfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruiting.

The fight against radical political Islam will not only be won through military force and traditional diplomacy, but requires an aggressive economic and ideological strategy. In a softer tone towards Islam than audiences have been used to, Trump makes mention of the millions of moderate Muslims whose cooperation and engagement is necessary if we are to collectively defeat the most radical and hateful voices that thrive on the silence of moderates. “We must use ideological warfare as well…we must take on the ideology of radical Islam” just as we took on the ideology of Communism.

Our administration will be a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers in the Middle East, and amplify their voices.

Donald Trump’s sober assessment of the need to reach out to moderate Muslim majorities is a positive development. His Foreign Policy speech focused on defeating those who are their greatest threat, and who also threaten the West.

He makes a case against extremism, against regime change, and a break with the political establishment that advocated for the policies that allowed terrorists to grow and sovereign governments to crumble. The past two administrations have created as many terrorists as they have killed and funded as many terrorist organizations as governments they have toppled. Trump wants to focus singularly on the fight against ISIS, and put the Foreign Policy of regime change, which creates more victims and more terrorists, to bed in American politics.

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