Gallup Report: 80% of Americans Support Voter ID Laws

A report was released on August 22 by Gallup that found four in five Americans support voter ID laws. The independent research institute found no substantial difference in opinion between white voters and nonwhite voters. Seventy-seven percent of nonwhite’s favor voter ID laws, while 81% of whites support the laws. From the report:

Requiring all voters to provide photo identification at their voting place in order to vote

Favor: 80%

Oppose: 19%

Gallup, Aug. 15-16, 2016

Liberal Democrats believe voter ID laws amount to voter suppression. Republicans have generally supported photo identification for Americans who show up to the polls to vote. The public, including Democrats, overwhelmingly agree. Partisan battles have been fought between the two parties in both the courts and the media. Past rulings by the Supreme Court have upheld the right of States to pass the laws.Seventeen states have imposed some form of voter ID, with over half being challenged in the courts.

Last month in North Carolina, federal judges overturned state voter ID laws, ruling that they were formed with “discriminatory intent” toward black voters. The ruling is being followed by an appeal.

The partisan rancor over laws requiring voters to display photo identification or some similar form of ID will continue, but Gallup has offered in their research a clear picture of American attitudes towards voter ID requirements, and how strikingly they differ from the attitudes of partisans. Americans support a fair, open, and democratic electoral process. On other issues related to voting, like early voting and automatic voter registration, more Americans support than opposed these initiatives.

Further findings from the report can be found here.


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