Final Stretch Brings New Heft to Trump Campaign on All Fronts

The Donald Trump campaign has brought on a versatile group of new advisers and campaign staff over the last few weeks in the run up to a post-Labor Day clash with the Clinton machine. The next two months will test the candidate and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton to their physical, mental, and intellectual limits under the heat of a 24/7 news cycle. With a media  determined to define what is news, rather than simply report on it, both candidates are expected to come under severe negative attack, while both have record negative ratings amongst Americans. The media’s most lofty goal this season is to maintain a gatekeeper status that many communications theorists would argue is a role they have lost the ability to play effectively, as citizen journalism and new media outlets have outpaced traditional media’s coverage of events. The 9/11 walk-out by Hillary Clinton, who fainted while her security detail escorted her into an SUV, was not captured by the press pool. They were left behind. It was captured by an ordinary American citizen who shared the video as a civic responsibility.

The media’s ability to fear monger has historically become more effective as the election draws nearer. Withstanding the media, for both candidates, will undoubtedly require a crafty campaign strategy capable of dodging controversy and removing any doubt among the electorate that they are capable of being Commander-in-Chief. The next two months will pit two combative and closely watched figures against each other in a partisan brawl. Finding the means to play to the base to ensure high partisan voter turnout while appealing to independents to get out and vote required the Trump campaign to bring on a heft of new players, with capabilities in campaign strategy, media communications, and military intelligence.

Military Intelligence: CIA Director Woolsey Advising Trump

The most recent and a significant blow to the Clinton camp was the decision by Bill Clinton’s prominent former CIA chief, James Woolsey, to endorse Trump and act as an adviser to the candidate, citing sequestration which sharply decreased defense budgets across-the-board, confidence in Trump on National Security, and the breach of security Clinton undertook through her private email server.

Military plans put forward by Trump to rebuild the US military, formed an important factor in attracting and Woolsey to his campaign when he said the former director of the CIA IE, said “Trump shared his view of the rebuild the army to meet the challenges of the twentieth century.

It shows how far away from the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) positions the Clinton’s once held and indeed inspired now are. The Clinton appeal to the base out of necessity has alienated many would-be supporters, like James Woolsey and General Michael Flynn, who served in the Obama administration and now advises Trump on military and intelligence matters as well.

Crucifixions, Beheadings, and Drownings: Trump Talks Terrorism in New Foreign Policy Speech

Campaign Strategy

Strategist and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway was brought on as Campaign Manager after the department of Paul Manafort. Her ability to provide an optimistic vision for a future Trump presidency even while under the pressure of staunch anti-Trump media personalities like Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski has helped to boost the public image of Donald Trump amongst key demographic groups, including white women and college-educated suburbanites. Don’t let her grace and smile fool you, Conway knows how to control the message and maintain composure when attacked.

How to Get the Trump Campaign Back on Track

Media Communications

In addition to Kellyanne Conway, Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon has brought his unique insight from working within one of the fastest-growing Conservative news websites around. As traditional media sources falter, Breitbart has grown stronger, in tune with the zeitgeist of our era and a great deal of the American electorate.

Donald Trump on Message at Green Bay Rally


This race is tightening in both the national polls and in the swing states. The political map has in some ways reconfigured, but as of now few are expecting anything but a tight race. A few key battleground states will determine the electoral college and thus who will be the next President of the United States. After a month of negative August coverage, while Clinton enjoyed a post-Democratic National Convention bump,  the campaign has professionalized extremely quickly to bridge the gap. A host of headlines regarding the Clinton Foundation and further Email controversy didn’t hurt either.

If the Trump campaign can continue to stay targetted in its message, gaffe-free in a way that allows Clinton to receive the coverage her concerning health and many scandals deserve, and continues to be seen receiving advisement from prominent Democratic and Republican military and intelligence officials, the brush that Clinton has tried to paint of Trump supporters will be too late a case to make for the independents that will determine the election. They are past the partisan bickering, and looking for a refreshing and energetic face capable of examining the failures of American foreign and counterterrorism policy, focusing on the stagnation of the American economy and turning it around for the Middle Class, and aboveall protecting Americans of all backgrounds from a minority of Islamic terrorists.

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