Donald Trump’s Advice to Young People May Surprise You

At an October 6 campaign event in Sandtown, New Hampshire Donald Trump took questions from the audience in a townhall-style event just days before the next presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, which will be set in a similar format. Some media outlets are expecting Trump to perform “disastrously” in this debate setting, but the Republican nominee is known for his ability to connect with audiences. This narrative may be another case of the media declaring a winner before the candidate even takes the stage.

If Donald Trump’s heartfelt advice to young people looking to achieve the American Dream is any indication of his ability to answer audience questions, we may be looking forward to a more engaging exchange than many in the media are expecting.

What advice would you give to young Americans looking to achieve the American dream?

Always go into what you love doing. And you may have parents that are trying to push you one way or another but you know what you love, you have to do what you love. And I say this all the time I say it in speeches and everything I’ll speak in front of young people because I love doing it and I say always follow your dream, always go into what you love, and never ever quit or give up…do something that you really love doing because then its not work, and never ever quit or give up.

While Hillary Clinton’s favorability with young people continues to slump in the wake of leaked audio recording remarks ridiculing young people and Bernie Sanders supports especially as “basement dwellers“, Donald Trump is showing the refreshingly optimistic side of his character, that tells young people rather idealistically to “never quit”, “never give up”, “go into what you love”, and follow your dreams because you know what you love.

In an era where young people are constantly being told what to major in (STEM) and what jobs to take in order to become productive members of society, its refreshing to have an entrepreneur tell young people to listen to their heart and follow their dreams.

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