Trump Warns of World War III If Clinton Is Elected

In an interview with Reuters that focused heavily on foreign policy Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton’s preoccupation with instigating regime change in Syria, arguing that the Obama-Clinton agenda to overthrow the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad is enflaming tensions in the Middle East with other nuclear powers, principally Russia.

Hillary Clinton Thinks the US Should Arm Terrorist Groups in Syria who Chopped Off a Young Boy’s Head

Hillary Clinton WW3 with Russia over Syria Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton has gone on the record in favor of regime change from Libya and Syria to Iraq. In Syria, her hawkish foreign policy will be met by a resolute Russia. Trump has argued Clinton is provoking WWIII


Trump has shown a willingness to cooperate with Russia towards the mutual goal of fighting terrorism and destroying ISIS. His position has proven popular with the American people, who believe terrorism at home and abroad is a larger national security concern than the future of Syria’s President. The media,

The media, Democratic Party, and many in the Foreign Policy establishment have demonized  Russia and attempted to associate the nation with Donald Trump in an effort to distract from the foreign policy failures of the Obama administration in Libya, Iraq, and across North Africa and the Middle East.

The use of Russia as political fodder for the 2016 election by the Democratic nominee and her staff has assured that a Clinton administration in 2017 would further deteriorate the relationship between Russia and the United States, perhaps turning the New Cold War hot over a possible No-Fly Zone (NFZ) over Syria. The consequences of such a zone in opposition to the Syrian government and its Russian ally could lead to an intense air engagement between Russian and American planes. A conventional conflict, such as a Russian plane shot down by America or vice-versa would increase the likelihood of a nuclear engagement. Though we haven’t seen such a possibility since the end of the last Cold War, the former Premier of Russia Mikhail Gorbachev has said relations between the U.S. and Russia have never been so bad, and the two powers could easily spiral towards a more direct conflict.

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