New Humanitarian Relief Reaches Residents of Aleppo

The rapid battlefield advances by Syrian government forces into East Aleppo has been met with widespread support throughout the city. Halabi civilians, once the human shields and targets for terrorist groups occupying their homes are now safely traveling to government territory in the tens of thousands for relief after rebel forces were forced to retreat from northeast neighborhoods.

The operation to secure Aleppo City from the remaining terrorist groups concentrated in the southeast continues, but a tremendous relief effort by the Syrian government, allied governments, and the international community is needed if the now-liberated people of Aleppo are to receive the treatment they need, psychological and physical, to return their lives to some normalcy. In the coming month, all of rebel Aleppo is expected to be under the care of the Syrian government.

The Russian government is playing a major role in humanitarian relief efforts alongside the Syrians, handing out much-needed assistance to the civilians leaving occupied Aleppo. Additionally, the Russians have dispatched mobile hospitals to dispense medical supplies and assist in the treatment of Aleppans that endured years of rebels hoarding medicine.

The main water pumping station for West Aleppo, once held hostage by rebels in East Aleppo, is now back online for the first time in over four years. Reports of tap water in West Aleppo neighborhoods is welcomed by residents who have endured years under some of the most brutal conflict conditions the Syrian war has produced.  Over one million people were kept without running water after terrorists swept into the city.

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