Besieged Rebels in Aleppo Unite Under Al Qaeda

The besieged Rebels in Aleppo have given up on any pretense that they are a moderate force compatible with the future of Syria. In a last-ditch effort to stave off defeat they have chosen to unite as one brand, naming themselves Jaish Halab, “Army of Aleppo.”

On the run and outmatched by the secular Syrian Arab Army (SAA), their besieged opponents, Al Qaeda, Ahrar al-Sham, the “Free Syrian Army”, and other Islamists terrorists now fighting united under Jaish Halab in a too little too late move to stave off a total defeat. The “moderate” groups are finally admitting publicly they have no reservations about aligning with Al Qaeda, whose ultimate aim is the extermination of Alawites, removal of Bashar Al-Assad, and the creation of an Islamic Republic in Syria.

Al Qaeda and Co. sustain 200+ losses in battles for Aleppo districts against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)

Al Qaeda and Co. sustain 200+ losses in battles for Aleppo districts against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)

The “moderate” descriptor proved to be a useful tool for the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Through it, they obtained Western support in the early days of the terrorist surge. The “moderate” brand, however, has outrun its usefulness as events on the ground, namely the collapse of rebel positions in the commercial city, are steering governments away from funding the Jihad, at least in Aleppo.

From Al-Masdar News

This desperate merger comes after rebels have lost a majority of their share in the Syrian economic capital. In a matter of days, the Syrian Armed Forces pushed the opposition forces from Bustan Al-Basha and Haydariyah all the way to the south of Tariq Al-Bab.

While this merger is bound to ameliorate¬†coordination between the rebel factions and improve their responsiveness to military developments around the city, it comes at a time so perilously late that it is quite unclear whether this move will hinder the Syrian Army’s progress in the city given the latter’s relentless powerful assaults on all the fronts.

The residents of Aleppo never wanted this war. It was brought to them as a punishment by fanatics and hostile nations for not joining the sectarian “revolution.” Today, Aleppo’s formerly-captive civilians are no longer human shields for Al Qaeda but are receiving humanitarian and medical treatment by the Syrian government and allies.

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