Jordan Executes 10 Death Row Prisoners Linked to Islamic Terrorism

An AP report circulating this morning from Amman, Jordan detailed the death of 10 death row inmates, breaking a moratorium on capital punishment that lasted from 2006 to 2014. The convicted inmates were linked to acts of Islamic terrorism, including attacks reaching as far back as the murders committed against Western tourists in the Kingdom of Jordan in 2003.

The use of the death penalty, both by hanging and firing squad, has increased in response to particularly heinous acts of Islamic terrorism, and increasingly, other punishable offenses.Is capital punishment a necessary feature of Jordan’s penal system? Having withheld from its use for nearly a decade, the sudden surge in state-sanctioned deaths seems a reaction to the Islamic State and other extremists use of torture and unusual death sentences against Jordan’s  soldiers.

The prisoners were hanged at dawn Saturday at Swaqa Prison, about 75 kilometers (47 kilometers) south of the capital of Amman, said government spokesman Mohammed Momani. All had links to Islamic militant groups, he said.

Five others were executed for other crimes, including incest, Momani said in a statement carried by the state news agency Petra.

The assailants executed Saturday for terror convictions had been involved in six different incidents, from a 2003 bombing attack that killed 19 at Jordan’s embassy in Iraq to the September 2016 shooting of local writer Nahed Hattar on the steps of an Amman courthouse.

Check out the full story here from Beilout Daily News

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