The United States at War With Syria

The United States Government is officially at war with the Syrian Arab Republic.

No congressional authorization was sought by the Trump administration.

No investigation into the sarin gas incident ever occurred.

60 tomahawk cruise missiles hit a Syrian airbase that’s primary use is targeting ISIS.

Syrian casualties are already being reported.

The Islamic State has launched a new campaign just miles away from the site of the American cruise missile strikes.

The Trump base schism is official, as droves of former supporters leave him behind for breaking his often repeated campaign promise that the United States would improve relations with Russia and work in Syria towards dismantling terrorist cells.

It’s not clear yet the full repercussions of the airstrikes, but full regime change seems more on the table now than at any point since the Arab Uprisings began.

Developments ongoing…What You Haven’t Been Told About the War on Syria

2 thoughts on “The United States at War With Syria

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