White House Slaps New Sanctions on 271 Syrian Scientists

The White House issued new sanctions against the Syrian government on Monday, April 25. 271 Syrian scientists associated with the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) were the target of the new sanctions.

From The New York Times

The sanctions on members of President Bashar al-Assad’s Scientific Studies and Research Center more than doubles the number of Syrian individuals and entities whose property has been blocked by the United States and who are barred from financial transactions with American people or companies.

The sanctions were announced by the Trump administration’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as further retaliation for an early April chemical gas incident in Khan Shaykhoun that rebel sources on the ground killed civilians. The United States has alleged it was sarin gas attack carried out by President Assad and the Syrian Air Force (SAF).

The Syrian government dismantled its chemical stockpiles under a 2014 US-Russia agreement after another unproven claim by the United States against the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, that time in 2013 in eastern Ghouta.

Former Congressman Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss…

Is the administration breaking campaign promises and cozying up to neocons? If not, why are neoconservative officials from the George W. Bush administration so happy?

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