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Wishful thinkers hoping to bring moderacy to the masses in an ever-evolving modern world.

We strive to treat issues with sensitivity and ensure inclusiveness. We may not always get it right, but we’ll do our best to do so. All content here is the opinion of the author, who may choose to remain anonymous.

If you think or know that anything here is presented as fact, but is not independently verifiable as true, email us at [email protected] and we’ll immediately remove the article and perform additional due diligence before either republishing, or destroying entirely to avoid spreading misinformation.

If we are not writing, or discussing a topic, in an inclusive way, e-mail us. Examples include respecting an individual’s pronouns, or exposing personally identifiable information that is not readily publicly available. We are not doing investigative journalism. We are presenting a viewpoint that strives for moderacy.

There will be no promotion of violence or hate for any individual or group of people based on any characteristic such as race, gender, and sexual preference.

We are not click-bait. Our headlines will aptly describe the content you’ll expect to read, rather than encourage clicks through manipulation. This will result in less views and we accept that.

Integrity is inherent to our brand.

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