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Battery of NBA Players

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Any fan that commits battery against an NBA player must face meaningful, but not forever-damning, consequences.

We’re not here to talk about the seemingly infinite amount of energy that players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Recently, we’ve seen Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving both get assaulted by attendees to the game.

Not surprisingly, both attacks were caught on video. Some may attribute the attacks to alcohol, racism, passion for the game, possibly none, some, or all of the three. It’s important that those on social media exercise caution during witch hunts to ensure that the perpetrator faces consequences appropriate for their actions.

Unfortunately, social media tends to amplify the most extreme of views and I am disheartened to see calls for violence, or even getting the person fired. Many people make mistakes. It’s important that we do our best to react objectively, but exercise caution when attempting to use people to set an example for others.

One only needs to look at the justice system in the United States of America to see how “setting examples” is an ineffective way to rehabilitate convicted criminals, and instead results in a perpetual spiral downwards.

Let us use this opportunity to appropriately persecute, but also learn from in order to to set an example of a just society while in parallel ensuring the safety of those doing their jobs – the players.

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