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Candy Isn’t So Sweet for Topps

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Candy has just struck a deal with Major League Baseball (MLB) to product and distribute licensed NFT’s. This is a huge announcement coming on the heals of the first release for Topps foray into officially licensed MLB NFT’s.

As an active participant in the Topps NFT community, the feeling of the community is one of hope, but also headings towards abandonment. Topps has a breadth of properties, including the Garbage Pail Kids (GPK), but the communications about MLB releases are generic or based on a template they’re re-using across the collectible space.

Their first release felt special, despite the hurdles in ensuring a smooth pack purchasing experience. Ever since then, it has been a rinse-and-repeat for their weekly crafting experience. Now that their crafting is completed, the community is hearing nothing but cicadas.

Now in steps Candy, a relatively new player on the block, but is already generating excitement with their first release – Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” speech.

I’m speechless, almost.

NFT’s were meant to be more than recreation of baseball cards. NBA Top Shot is just scratching the service by selling glorified YouTube clips. Candy is being bold by looking back in history and repackaging it for the modern collector.

They say competition is good so Candy’s hat being thrown in the ring is a much welcomed announcement. I eagerly await Topps’ response, hopefully in the form of more than Topps Series 2. Their first release, Series 1, was done in April. Since then, the community is grasping at straws as to what is next to come.

Disclaimer: I am an active participant in NFT collectibles, including Topps. I also plan to get involved in Candy. I do not offer financial advice.

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