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Celebrity Obsession in the United States of America

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The United States of America (USA) is too obsessed with not just the concept of celebrity, but with the actual people that are considered to be celebrities. It is not a problem isolated to the USA, but the content of this article is. I, the author, was born and raised in the USDA and can no longer keep my mouth shut about this problem.

Yes, it’s a problem.

I empathize with those that live vicariously through celebrities, so much so that in their never-ending search for attention and fulfillment, emulate them and sacrifice their identify for for views and mentions, possibly even likes.

The celebrities that you fawn over are not special. There are countless people of all different backgrounds that can do anything you’re seeing on the big screen or in a magazine.

Celebrities are not special. They are normal people doing a job that requires minimal training. They pretend, like my children pretend. Where they go above and beyond includes, but is not limited to, sacrificing their integrity and humanity in order to step on one-another to make it to the top. Even going so far as to ignore institutional sexual assault-as-a-practice.

They are not deserving of your worship.

The award shows that used to be ratings-hits are now microphones for the privileged lecturing the remainder of the country as to how “woke” they are.

Celebrities exist for our entertainment. This is not limited to actors and actresses. It includes worthless socialites and YouTube stars.

I find it interesting that we’re meant to respect their privacy while they use the same media to establish themselves as above the normal folk.

The entertainment does not end when the movie stops. People looking for their daily escape will continue to no end stalking celebrities. Not in-person mind you, but it is stalking nonetheless – via People magazine and TMZ.

My strong recommendation is to stop wasting your lives on people whose job it is to make money off of you via your attention.

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