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Chinese Censorship in the United States of America

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While I make no judgements, the impact of censorship in China reaching the United States of America has become more transparent than ever before.

Recently, it was evident with John Cena delivering an apology in Mandarin supposedly for calling Taiwan a country. Although he was not explicit in why he was apologizing, many people tied the two occurrences together.

John Cena seems like a nice guy and has shown as much with his contributions towards the Make-A-Wish foundation. This article is not to pass judgement on him for one action.

As seen on Hacker News and Vice, Microsoft’s Bing search engine censors images when searching for “tank man”. Clearly, there are images referring to “tank man”, as you can see on Google. It is clear that censorship is taking place here with no transparency for doing so.

Many are jumping to the conclusion that this is due to business deals Microsoft may have in China and showing “tank man” today, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. As a result, the popular search engine DuckDuckGo, whose image search results are based on Bing, are also returning zero images.

There is always a cost to doing business, but how far will companies like Microsoft go to apply censorship restrictions from one nation onto another?

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