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Conservative Twitter Clone Gettr

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Jason Miller has launched what appears to be almost an exact replica of Twitter that is likely to lure conservatives from not just Twitter, but potentially Parler as well.

Twitter, and other popular social media networks amplify the voices of many that go unheard. It is also the case where it promotes echo chambers and bubbles that reinforce ideologies. Gettr and Parler are eventually, if not already, going to have their own bubble, resulting in what is likely going to be a Conservative vs Liberal area of social networks on which no dissenting opinion is likely to be discussed.

There will be no nuance to any conversation and the result will inevitably be extremism.

I do not endorse or support any of the social networks I’ve listed, but encourage our readers to remain open-minded and engage peacefully on whatever platform you may be on.

The most important aspect is to remember two things:

  1. You are in an echo chamber. You are likely going to be drowned in dissenting opinion or praised en masse.
  2. You have no idea who is on the other end of that keyboard. It may be a genuine human being that holds their viewpoint with integrity, or a psyops operative looking to instigate.

I prefer a unified platform that represents diverse views that allow for any content that is legal in the United States of America, and allows for filtering of content that suits them. Unfortunately, I have seen too many platforms invaded by trolls and extremists that poison the platform. And when that happens, on to the next platform.

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