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Elon Musk Scheduled to Host Saturday Night Live

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Crypto-enthusiasts take note: Elon Musk, of SpaceX and Tesla, to name a few, is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live (SNL). This is big news and you need to pay attention to what I’m about to say.

The International Scope is accelerating its move into the NFT and cryptocurrency news space, and this Saturday is the first big event to be covered. Normally, I would not pay any mind to who is hosting, but in this particular case, it matters.

Elon Musk has been seen touting multiple cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin (BTC). The community surrounding the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, is gathering around the campfire to see if Elon discusses, or even does a skit, pertaining to Dogecoin.

It was classified as others by a meme-coin, but effectively, most cryptocurrencies are meme coins for speculators. They treat this no differently than those on Wall Street. They plays games to maximize their profit.

I must disclose that I also hold Dogecoin, so I am inherently biased to promoting Dogecoin, either explicitly or implicitly. I offer no financial advice, and only intend to bring those out of the loop into the loop. This is a critical part of The International Scope’s mission.

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