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Gasoline Shortage in the United States

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As I write this, people in the United States, particularly those in the Southeast, are lining up at gas stations filling their cars, and any other containers they can find, with fuel.

This is not directly related to the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline. It is not directly related to the lack of serious strategy for energy independence.

Don’t misunderstand me, its definitely related, just not directly.

But the primary cause is the Colonial Pipeline attack that hackers perpetrated.

Regardless on where you stand for their supposed motivations, no one can doubt that the real are victims in this are the countless people panicking about making it to work, or ensuring they’ll have supplies that are delivered via trucks.

The panic for gas is similar to the panic seen when people were hoarding toilet paper. Having had the privilege of working from home for the past year, I can say that i empathize more with the toilet paper patrol than the gas guzzlers.

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