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George Floyd One Year Later

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George Floyd was not the first person unjustly killed, directly or indirectly, by the police. Unfortunately, he will not be the last. It does not matter what crime he committed, what preexisting condition he had, and what drugs he may have been on. As long as there have been police, there have been people unjustly killed. This is inherent to this type of empowerment.

This should be something we all agree on, but rather than take this opportunity to be an ally, there exists a refusal by many to admit that the police went too far. They blame George Floyd for putting himself in that position.

The police in the United States of America (USA) have tough jobs. There is no doubt about it. “They have an almost impossible job”, according to Joe Rogan. I agree. Policing is difficult and dangerous, and even worse, the police in the USA have nowhere near the amount of training and screening needed to ensure those that are empowered with authority to detain and use deadly force are fit for the job.

Rather than focus the conversation on ways to address these very tangible problems, it becomes a conversation about race that will never be resolved. The pendulum is swinging from system racism to anti-racism which is causing those that could be allies to become enemies.

And vultures are no longer waiting on the sidelines.

There is a lot of money to be made in selling controversy and stoking racial tension. This is also the opportune time for foreign adversaries of the USA to continue their invasion into social networks to skew the conversation.

Practically speaking, we are a year since George Floyd there has been no substantial progress made despite the opportunities to do so. Rather than spend time protesting in the streets, the youth of the USA must take a more active role in democracy and participating in the power structure that will forever remain.

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