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May the 4th Be With You, Not Me

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Today is Star Wars day!

It’s not as if you needed a news website to make you aware of this. What original insight could I possibly offer? Rather than pay tribute to what I think are great movies to escape reality with, today is more of a grim reminder about the lack of time many of us have to escape. Escape, via time dedicated to optional vices, is a privilege that many of us have lost. Be it to caring for loved ones, finding a job, or going above and beyond at work so we don’t need to find one.

In a past life, I cherished when I could indulge in a sugar-filled snack while I sat down on a comfortable couch and binge-watched movie after movie. I was able to tune out the world and avoid “real life”. Not anymore for me, and I assume many of you.

Others have made this day a priority but not for celebration, but for their disdain of Disney, for many potential reasons.

Aside from this blog post, I cannot help but ignore the symbol that today represents – I simply don’t have the time.

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