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RTO is Dangerous Territory for the USA

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Return-to-office, commonly known now as RTO, is in full force across the country for those that still have employees that they can pay.

The USA has historically been amenable to foreign workers, but with many pockets against international workers and the concept of outsourcing. Many industries are feeling the strain of people quitting for a variety of reasons. Those that aren’t quitting are still pushing back against RTO. They could be on the precipice of a major change in employment demographics.

These same companies could be motivated to get behind employment globalization and outsource as many jobs as possible to countries where wages can be competitive, if they’re forced to hire a remote worker, regardless.

Through the eyes of a globalist, remote work could be the great equalizer. To the USA citizen that desires higher wages and remote work, it’s an undeniable possibility that they should be conscious of.

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