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The Cryptocurrency Game

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Exercise extreme caution when playing the cryptocurrency game.

I offer no financial advice, and am a participant in cryptocurrency markets. What I give you is my own personal observation. I encourage you to do the research yourself. All of the information is available to you online and is an open secret.

How many big players in financial markets, or celebrities whose opinions can sway markets, have made derogatory comments about cryptocurrency, only to somehow have an epiphany where it makes sense to buy?

These market movers are not just buying the dip, but causing the dip as well. This manipulation may or may not be illegal or ethical, but it’s a variable you must be aware of if you take the risk of purchasing cryptocurrency. Keep an eye on public figures making public statements. Just as those that interview on financial channels purposely release information in order to manipulate stock exchanges (see GameStop as an example), the same is being done for cryptocurrencies.

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