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It is week 3 of the TOPPS NFT release on the WAX blockchain. In case you’ve been living under a rock, a non-fungible token, also known as NFT, is data stored on a blockchain, that is entirely unique. The uniqueness is limited to the data identifying the underlying token, not the asset itself.

For example, TOPPS released images of baseball cards as NFTs. That does not imply that the visual representation of what you are seeing is unique, only the underlying unique identifier and its existence on a particular blockchain.

Due to the market’s digital and greenfield nature, the TOPPS NFT community appears to have only a small overlap with the TOPPS cardboard collectors community. “Cardboard” is what those in the collecting use in reference to the physical cards you can purchase in packs, assuming they are in stock.

We are in another physical card collecting boom, so best of luck trying to grab your own.

Being that we are in week 3, we also have our 3rd week of Redux 1952 packs for crafting. You are able to craft cards by burning, or effectively destroying, a specific list of cards in order to receive a pack. You can then either sell the pack on the market, or open the pack with the hopes of completing your collection or selling. The most popular market at the time of this post appear to be The AtomicHub, but the beauty about using the WAX blockchain is that anyone can spin up their own market. Other competitors exist, but TOPPS directly links to AtomicHub.

If so inclined, you can join the WAX discord here.

There is no doubt a lot of potential, and as a disclaimer, I am an active member of this community. Both as a collector and speculator.

See you there 🙂

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