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What happened to week 4? Yes, there was as TOPPS NFT Week 4 Craft, but I’m here to check-in to discuss week 5. I’m there, a few others are, but where is everyone else?

Aside from a tweet here or there from TOPPS regarding their entrance into NFT’s, the majority of their marketing appears to be for the other areas of the industry they’re in – be it non-MLB properties or cardboard cards.

One can’t help but wonder if it was a “one and done” release for their pack release or if they have something up their sleeve (pun intended). As a member of that community, I do hope they see the bright future for NFT’s. Many continue to dismiss its promise, as the artifact itself, such as a card or video (see NBA Top Shots) can be reproduced at-will. The cynics and non-collectors don’t care that it’s the unique instance of the asset on the blockchain. It doesn’t matter to them.

It does to me. And I hope that TOPPS gets their act together and strongly pivots into the NFT realm for the MLB.

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