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UFOs as Click-bait

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Enough with the click-bait. UFOs are unidentified flying objects.

While the acronym “UFO” may be synonymous with E.T., journalists are disingenuous when they leverage the tactic of playing on this synonym without delivering an article in line with this definition.

Using a UFO sighting as the title of an article plays to people’s bias towards the unknown and exciting, but in reality, someone seeing a UFO does not immediately mean it’s some E.T is crash-landing in some field in Idaho. It is a flying object that has not yet been identified.

The value provided by these articles is that it tells you the reader that this organization resorts to lazy journalism in order to generate revenue via clicks and usage. In the past few months alone, there have been many articles by “legitimate” news organizations showcasing the same videos and regurgitating choppy videos from years paste in an attempt to stoke curiosity about what could be.

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