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Your Favorite Social Media Site Has Been Raided

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Unless your favorite social media site implements a 3rd-party audited validation of user identity, it is likely overrun with people pretending to be someone they are not with ulterior, usually nefarious, motives.

These motives span from harmless trolling to foreign instigators playing both sides of the coin looking to stir civil unrest. The next time you’re on your favorite social media site, take a critical look at the debate being engaged in. Are there obvious fallacies being committed and going unacknowledged? Broad statements that are clearly incorrect and irrational.

Think twice about responding to them. You may be playing right into the hands of those looking to get additional views on controversial topics to instill in you, the innocent bystander, a sense of fear, caution or other negative emotion.

The irony is not lost on me that the The International Scope has their own social media presence. Nor do you know who I am. I do hope to build your trust, but I still encourage to look at everything with a critical eye.

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